Structure Guidelines

Structure Guidelines

This document set provides information on the correct application of the XML element set DTBook, a key segment of the DAISY/NISO Standard.

When a DAISY/NISO DTB (henceforth referred to as a DAISY DTB) includes a textual content file containing part or all of the contents of a publication, DTBook elements will be used to mark up that file. The resulting file must be valid to the XML Document Type Definition, the DTBook DTD, as specified in the DAISY/NISO Specification.

DAISY 3 Structure Guidelines

Updates to the Structure Guidelines were open for official review from November 28, 2007 through February 15, 2008. Revisions were compiled and are posted as the DAISY 3 Structure Guidelines.

Superceded Version

The DAISY 3 Structure Guidelines replace the version authored in 2005. Archives of the 2005 Structure Guidelines are for reference purposes only.