Pipeline Development

The DAISY Pipeline always welcome new contributors. Depending on what your skills or intents are, there are several ways to contribute to the project:

Report bugs

The simplest way to contribute to the Pipeline effort is just to use the application and report any bug you would encounter! All the project sites listed below have dedicated issue trackers, but in most cases you will use the Pipeline core bug tracker and feature request tracker hosted on SourceForge.

Join the Community

To ask the developers before reporting a bug, or for any other development-related matter, you can subscribe to the Pipeline developers mailing list.


The DAISY Pipeline is open source software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

The source code of the multiple components of the Pipeline ecosystem is split in several development sites:


New localizations of all or part of the Pipeline components are always warmly welcome. If you're bilingual and willing to contribute, please contact the developers via the DAISY contact form or the Pipeline developers mailing list.