DAISY Navigation

What is DAISY? Books in DAISY format (audio-only, text-only or the combination of both) have more features than regular audio books. They benefit people who have challenges using regular printed media. DAISY digital talking books offer navigation within the book.

DAISY books allow users to:

  • Skim the book forward and backward - by word, paragraph, page or chapter.
  • Add / Save bookmarks.
  • Skip to certain chapters, sections or pages that match the print version of the book.
  • Click on a chapter heading in the table of contents or a term in the index and jump right to it inside the book.
  • Take notes in the margin, similar to using a highlighter in a printed book.
  • Listen to the audio file on a computer, smartphone, MP3 player or a specialized assistive device. See the comprehensive list of tools / players that can be used to play back DAISY content: http://www.daisy.org/tools-products-and-services.
  • Step away. When you close the book, your most recent page read is saved.

Different types of accessible books

Audio-only DAISY books have navigation features that are not present in an MP3 file. Students can move around and find their place in the book faster. You need a specialized player (see the list on our website at http://www.daisy.org/tools/hplayback), software or app to take advantage of these features.

Students with dyslexia who read a printed book can use DAISY audio book to listen to the text read aloud at the same time. They benefit from the multi-modal reading experience.

Text-only DAISY books, provided by Bookshare (http://www.bookshare.org), allow the student to navigate the book, see the text on the screen and listen to the text voiced out using synthetic speech (text-to-speech).

Text and audio DAISY books provide the richest reading experience.

There are many high-quality voices available that can be used on your desktop computer or portable device. See some options, provided by DAISY Consortium Friends on our website at http://www.daisy.org/tools/text-to-speech.

Access, navigation and efficiency

DAISY publications offer people with print disabilities the opportunity to understand information in both content and context by giving them tools to navigate information in much the same way typical readers skim through a document or website.

In addition, books that once had to be stored on several audiotapes can now be recorded on a single compact disc, flash drive or memory card. DAISY multimedia content can also be made available as a download, or read using a web browser.

DAISY features have been integrated into the mainstream EPUB 3 standard.

Updated: August 2nd, 2016