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MyStudio PC is a self voicing DAISY production tool. This guide is for people who are using MyStudio PC for the first time. It does not cover all of the functions of MyStudio PC, however, it will help you to create your first DAISY project and to understand how to use the software to produce DAISY books independently.

Recommended PC environment

MyStudio PC workstation (computer) requirements are as follows.
Note that if the workstation used does not meet these minimum requirements the functionality of the software may be negatively affected and it may not be possible to produce DAISY books on that workstation. Note also that these are minimum requirements. A workstation that has additional processing power will improve performance (digital audio files require a significant amount of storage space).

Applicable PC Model PC/AT compatible machine
OS Microsoft Windows2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows 7
CPU Intel Celeron 400MHz or greater
Memory 128MB or above
Display 800 X 600 dots(SVGA) or greater
Hard disk 7MB for Software installation and 2GB or more free space for the recorded audio
Sound Card Sound Blaster Live! Series by Creative Media or equivalent or better sound card
CD-RW Drive Plextor PX-W1610TA or equivalent is recommended.
ASPI Manager CD-RW writing requires an ASPI manager.
*For Windows 2000 users:
Install PLEXTOR MANAGER 2000 attached to CD-RW drive(PLEXTOR products).
*Windows 98/NT4.0 users:
Install the latest ASPI layer.


  • MyStudio PC contains a dialog reader. You should therefore close any other dialog reader on the PC after you have started MyStudio PC in order to avoid a potentially unstable condition.
  • Limitations of the My Studio PC

    Max. number of sections 999,999
    Max number of phrases in 1 section 999,999
    Max number of specified pages 999,999 pages

Installing MyStudio PC

Installation instructions for MyStudio PC are outlined below.

Installation: welcome

1. Installation will begin when you double click on the MyStudio PC setup file.

2. The "Welcome" dialog will display. Select the "Next" button.

Welcome dialog

Installation: License agreement

3. The License Agreement dialog box for MyStudio PC will display. Please read the license agreement carefully. If you choose the "No" button, the installation will be aborted. In order to continue with the installation, select "Yes".

License Agreement dialog

Installation: Destination Location

4. The " "Destination Location" dialog will display. The destination folder for MyStudio PC is already set within the system. You can therefore press the "Next" button. If you wish to change the destination folder, select "Browse...", select the destination folder and press the "Next" button.

Choose Destination Location dialog

Installation: Customer Information

5. The "Customer Information" dialog will display. Please fill in "User Name", "Company Name" and "Serial Number" and select "Install".

Customer Information dialog

Installation: completion

6. Installation starts.

Setup Status dialog

7. When the installation is completed, an "InstallShield Wizard Complete" dialog will be displayed. Select the "Finish" button to complete the installation and restart your computer.

Installation Complete dialog

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