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Recording Volume Control

Choose "Selection of the recording volume control"(V) from the "Control"(Alt + C) menu and choose "Line" or "Microphone" from the sub menu. For live recording with a microphone, most workstations will require the "Microphone" setting.

Recording Volume Control

Recording Settings

1. Choose "Recording..."(R) from the "Option"(Alt + O) menu.

Recording...(Alt + O) (R)

2. The default settings will be displayed in the "Recording Settings" box. If during recording the phrases are not detected correctly because of the noise level in the recording environment or because of the speech pattern of the narrator, change the settings in "Phrase detection". The pause length can be increased or decreased from the default of 0.4 seconds. The noise level can be changed from "Normal" to either "Low" or "High".

3. "Section Detection" can be used to automatically create a new section heading during recording. The default is set to "Nothing". If this function is required, this option should be changed at this point. If "Section Detection" is used, "Create a New Audio File" should be set to "Yes" (the default).

4."Options" at the bottom of the "Setting of the Recording Function" box allows you to set a time period after which, if no audio is being recorded, recording will stop automatically. The default is "Nothing". Also in this part of the box it is possible to change the "Recording Speed" from the default of "Normal Speed" to "Double Speed" which can be used for tape transfers. When the static noise from the DC power sources is too high and it is not able to detect the phrases even the noise level is set to "High", "Remove DC offset" can be set to "On". The default setting is "Off".

4. "The opened folder when new creation" allows the technician to browse for and select a main project folder into which all DAISY books produced with MyStudio PC will be placed.

Recording Settings


1. To begin recording, press the recording button which is the button with red circle at the bottom center of the screen, choose "Record"(R) from the "Control"(Alt + C) menu or press F8. This will start the test recording mode, which allows you to adjust and set the recording level before recording is begun.

Record(Alt + C) (R)

2. Adjust the recording volume so that the peaks in the narration are between -10db and the top of the VU meter display. The number range on this display is from -40db to -10db. On the VU meter visual display the signal peaks are also represented by a colour range from green to yellow to red. If the colour on the meter goes into the red zone frequently the record level should be reduced so that the peaks display generally in the yellow zone. There is an audible cue which will report the level as being "low" or "good" or "high". Please see section 5-5 "Adjusting of recording volume" in the MyStudio PC "Help" file for further information about setting record levels.

3. Once you have set a good recording level, press the record button, choose the "Record"(R) from the "Control"(Alt + C) menu or press F8 again to start the recording.

4. To stop recording, press the stop button which is the button with the blue square on the bottom of the screen, choose "Stop"(S) from the "Control"(Alt + C) menu or press the "Space" bar.

Stop(Alt + S)

Record Mode

Selecting "Overwrite" or "Punch In" Record Mode:
To change the record mode, choose "Record mode"(M) from the "Control"(Alt + C) menu or press "F7" key. You can also press the Record mode button which is located in the center of the screen in the group of control buttons at the bottom of the "Section" table. Each time you choose the record mode, it will change to "Punch In" if the setting was "Overwrite" and it will change to "Overwrite" if the setting was "Punch In". It is like a toggle switch, changing from one mode to the other each time it is selected. The default is "Overwrite" which is the mode used most often.

Record Mode(Alt + C) (M)

Voice Guidance

1. Choose "Voice guidance"(G) from the "Option"(Alt + O) menu.

Voice Guidance(Alt + G)

2. When the "Setting of the voice guidance" dialog is displayed, choose "On" if voice guidance is required or "Off" if you do not require the self-voicing function of MyStudio PC. You can also select voice guidance for editing only or you can select voice guidance for both recording and editing.

Setting of the voice guidance

3. After the voice guidance has been set, press the "Enter" key to save the settings.

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