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Blackstone Audio, Inc. (Blackstone)
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Founded in 1987, Blackstone is a privately owned company currently employing 170 full time staff. Blackstone has worked for over 25 years to uphold our trusted global brand in audiobook publishing. Blackstone currently boasts a catalog of over 10,000 titles with 120+ new titles being added each month. Blackstone offers the finest in contemporary fiction and non-fiction, as well as the world's great classics. Our title collection includes award winners and New York Times bestsellers, with authors as varied as the books themselves.

Blackstone's facilities feature three state of the art recording studios in our Ashland, OR headquarters, as well as an additional 3 studios on our Rhode Island campus. Each studio is equipped with world-class equipment and engineered for the highest quality sound. To date, we have produced over 10,000 unabridged audiobooks spanning a variety of genres. In addition to recording, Blackstone's campus houses dedicated sales, customer service, graphics audio engineering, proofing, copy, duplication, packaging and shipping departments, making it an all-inclusive partner for a variety of coordinated projects. Through the years, Blackstone has enjoyed a role furthering audio offerings to the blind community through our work with the Library of Congress, Vision Australia and Blind Foundation (RNZFB) and to libraries in general through dedicated library sales channels.