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Dolphin Computer Access Limited (DAP)

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Dolphin Audio Publishing is a division of Dolphin Computer Access LTD. At Dolphin, the overriding aim is to make information accessible. Accessible information leads to independence. Dolphin do this in three ways:

Making computers accessible

Their goal is to allow visually impaired people access to mainstream applications in their original form. Through the use of Dolphin's screen enlargers, screen readers, and braille output, users can operate word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and the Internet. Added to this, Dolphin has: text-to-speech software; braille translation software, and text reading software, making it the supplier with the widest range of software tools for the visually impaired market.

Dolphin's flagship product, Supernova, has recently won the coveted UK "WOW" award for life enhancing educational products.

Talking Books

In December 1999, Dolphin purchased Labyrinten and has been working closely with staff there to produce a new range of audio publishing tools and talking book readers. Dolphin are tremendously excited about the opportunities, which currently exist, to take this technology into the mainstream. The education sector in particular has taken a strong interest in the concept of navigable text and audio and the potential for multi-sensory learning. Some of the mainstream publishers are excited about the future for recreational content in combined audio and text, particularly as mainstream portable reading devices become more widespread.

Non Computing Solutions

Over 75% of visually impaired people world-wide do not have computer skills. Dolphin is currently working, together with strategic partners, to use its range of technology to create "access to information" solutions for non-computer literate visually impaired people.