Member Detail: Swedish Library Service

Swedish Library Service (BTJ)

SE-221 82 Lund

Phone: + 46 46 180 000
Fax: + 46 46 180 432
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BTJ (Swedish Library Service) sells, distributes and promotes information and media, as well as making available to its customers rational and effective aids in the form of selected, structured and refined products and services. The divisions consist of Marketing, Logistics & Purchase and Information Production.The talking book department is quite a small unit with four people working in production. BTJ is looking at new technologies and introducing its readers to the new technologies. BTJ has, together with TPB, developed a protection box for DAISY. The DAISY box has room for two CD-ROM discs. It's made of translucent plastic, which makes it easy to check that it contains the right discs. BTJ sells these boxes in Sweden and overseas.