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Dolphin EasyConverter Express logo

This first version of EasyConverter Express is available for free to people in developing countries to convert Word documents into braille, large print, MP3 and DAISY talking books. Visit the EasyConverter Express page on the Dolphin website for further details.

Dolphin GuideReader Pod logo

The first generation GuideReader Pod enables anyone to use their television to control reading of books, newspapers and magazines in large print and audio. Further details are available on the GuideReader Pod page on the Dolphin website. 

VitalSource logo

VitalSource Content Studio (VCS) is a digital content authoring tool which enables the production of accessible EPUB3 or HTML5 publications, suitable for reading on VitalSource's Bookshelf, or any other eBook reader which supports EPUB3.

The VCS tool is:

  • Interactive for educators wanting more FLEXIBILITY
  • Responsive to learners' needs with greater AGILITY
  • Accessible for a learning experience that's INTUITIVE

Find out more on the VitalSource VCS site.

Dolphin EasyReader for iOS and Android logo

Browse & download books from your favorite libraries including Bookshare, Legimus, Vision Australia, RNIB Bookshare & more. Subscribe & read newspapers with NFB-NEWSLINE, RNIB NTNM, MTM & more. Copy text from anywhere on your phone & hear EasyReader announce it. Read with your ears & eyes with synchronized text & audio. More information is provided on the Dolphin Computer Access website.

SBS Leser Plus app is powered by Dolphin’s EasyReader software. Under Dolphin’s “Your library app, powered by Dolphin EasyReader” program, this is the first time that EasyReader has been used by a third party provider for their own proprietary reading app. SBS (Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Print Disabled) patrons can read books in DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 formats. Available on iTunes.

Victor Reader Stream 2

This upgrade provides several new features and enhancements including support for dynamic menus in DAISY Online services which support them. Detailed information is provided on the HumanWare website.

The new interface offers great flexibility and a multitude of options. Connect 12 Version 2.0 brings a new book application providing access to online accessible libraries such as Bookshare, NLS, Learning Ally and others (subscription required). More information is available on the HumanWare website.

Legimus logo

To get access to talking books at MTM, patrons need to contact their local library for more information and registration. Users need to have a subscription to be able to listen to a newspaper in the app. Legimus app is available for both iOS and Android, download the latest version from the iTunes or Google Play. A new computer voice Ylva now narrates the newspapers.

Dolphin EasyReader for Windows Logo

Version 7.06 brings support for RNIB Bookshare. Improvements to EPUB 3 support have been made. More information can be found on the Dolphin Computer Access website.


BARD Mobile version 1.0.3 for Android is available from Google Play. Adds a sleep timer to the Now Reading screen. Play screen is optimized for tablets. Numerous bug fixes.

Vision Australia Connect app

Through accessible and simple interface, users can listen to content such as books, magazines, and newspapers. Also, listen to podcasts and web radio stations. Users can choose to automatically connect to i-access® via Wi-Fi as a priority over a mobile network. To be able to use this app you have to be a registered member of the Vision Australia Library. Available from the App Store or Google Play.

What's new in Version 1.2.4:

  • Displays the full text of a title when it is available, including newspapers, with sentence highlighting.
  • Improved messaging feature to receive important messages from Vision Australia.
Learning Ally Link logo

Learning Ally Link for mobile is designed for learning through listening. Learning Ally provides more than 80,000 human-narrated audiobooks including textbooks for dyslexic, blind and visually impaired readers. Version 1.1 brings improvements to scrolling and app sensitivity. Also, there is a playback fix for classic audio books when switching from portrait to landscape. Go to iTunes to download.

Acapela logo

Acapela for NVDA v. 1.4 comes with several improvements and new Scottish English voice called Rhona. More information can be found on the Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA blog.

Go Read App Logo

Now you can access Reading Lists from your Bookshare account. Go Read interface now comes in Spanish too. Free, available on Google Play.

What's new? Alternative voice variations are now available on every device. Support to amplify speech volume over other audio has been added. Google Text-to-Speech app is available on Google Play.

Learning Ally Link logo

Chrome extension featuring unique VOICEtext technology: words are highlighted as they are read, improving comprehension. Also allows teachers and parents to track student progress and work together to help them succeed. Improved Version 1.1.1 is available from the Chrome store.

Pratsam Server supports DAISY Online Delivery Protocol 1.0, zip-file download and playback in a web app. Pratsam Server features extensive DAISY 2.02 support and optional watermarking of DAISY 2.02 books. This makes each distributed copy unique and traceable. More information is provided on the Pratsam website.

BookPort Plus

Version 6.02 Improves responsiveness in large titles. In previous versions, the unit could get sluggish, especially toward the end of the title. Adds functionality to support the optional DAISY Online Download support. Detailed information is available on the American Printing House for the Blind website.

BARD Mobile App Logo

With BARD Mobile app, eligible users can play the structured audio materials on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. These users whose devices are connected to a refreshable braille display through Bluetooth can also read the braille materials available on BARD. Free, available on iTunes. The updated version of the app comes with several bug fixes.

Learning Ally Audio App

Version 3.2.4 brings improved performance and improvements based on user feedback. More information and download are available on iTunes.

Dolphin Publisher Logo

Dolphin Publisher 3.53 can be used to produce talking books in DAISY or EPUB 3 formats. Details are available on the Dolphin Publisher page on the Dolphin Computer Access website.

Webbox 2 and a remote control

The unique Webbox 2 keeps you in touch with the world. It is an Internet radio, an online DAISY player and so much more. Learn more about all features and read user stories on the Webbox 2 website.

BookPort DT

The Book Port DT is a desktop-style Digital Talking Book player and recorder. The main changes include the ability to now download content to internal memory. Users still need an Internet connection to download a title, but once it is on your device, you may read without connectivity.


Four services now come installed: APH’s accessible editions of magazines, Bookshare, Open Library, and NLS DAISY. If you already had these services configured, they will still be available.


For instructions on downloading and installing this free firmware update, please go to http://tech.aph.org/bpdt_new.htm.

Dolphin EasyConverter logo

EasyConverter 7.01 comes with support for documents created in Word 2016 and EasyReader 7 for the latest DAISY playback. More information can be found on the Dolphin Computer Access website.


EasyConverter empowers users to make information accessible to people with visual impairments and dyslexia. With EasyConverter you can quickly create accessible Word documents, large print, MP3 audio, DAISY talking books and Braille.

Learning Ally Audio

Version 1.1.4 enables better proxy support. This app is available from Google Play.

The Blind Foundation's registered patrons can download this app from the Blind Foundation's website. Three different DAISY player modes are available in the BookLink app. They enable users to choose the DAISY player functionality that best suits their needs. More information is provided on the Blind Foundation website.

Direct-to-Player app logo

This version contains minor display enhancements, some bug fixes and a new service announcement feature. Connects to the library (CNIB and CELA in Canada) and loads DAISY audio books and magazines onto your mobile device. Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Available on the App Store.

Kolibre KADOS (Kolibre Adaptive DAISY Online Service) is a web service solution based on the established scripting language PHP. The open source code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/kolibre/Kolibre-KADOS.

PLEXTALK Linio Pocket Media Player

The PLEXTALK Linio Pocket offers immediate access to DAISY online services in Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Sweden - and now also in the United States. Visit the PLEXTALK website to learn more.

Read2Go App Logo

Read2Go has been updated to work better with iOS 8. Updated buttons: Bookshelf is now titled “My Books,” and Search is now “Search Bookshare”. Read2Go is available for purchase on the iTunes Store.

Direct to Player logo

The accessible Direct to Player app connects directly to the library (CNIB, CELA in Canada) and loads DAISY audio books and magazines onto your Android device. Available on Google Play.

DDReader app

This DAISY reader app is available in three languages​​: Portuguese, Spanish and English. More information and download are available on Google Play.

MyStudio PC

The Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (JSRPD) has released Version of MyStudio PC, the DAISY 2.02 navigation structure and audio production tool which is available to DAISY Member organizations at no cost.

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Learning Ally Link logo

Learning Ally Link makes it easier for students to read and thrive using audiobooks. Learning Ally audiobooks are human-narrated, equipped with unique VOICEtext technology that highlights words as they are read, therefore improving comprehension. Available in the Mac App Store.

NLB Lydhor app logo

Two Belgian companies Pyxima (a Friend of the DAISY Consortium) and Sensotec developed the Lydhør app. Registered NLB borrowers in Norway can use Lydhør to search for books in the NLB catalogue, borrow a book, and return it when they have finished reading it. Available on the AppStore on iTunes as well as Google Play.

Plextalk Pocket DAISY Player/Recorder

PLEXTALK Pocket PTP1 Firmware Version 6.01 comes with several improvements. For more information, please review the release notes.

Bookshare logo

The current version is optimized for Google Chrome and provides text-to-speech with the voice installed on user's computer in addition to word highlighting. Bookshare Web Reader can also be used with other Internet browsers (Firefox, Safari), but may not have full functionality.


This reader works on Mac and Windows. More information is provided on the Bookshare blog.


The PLEXTALK Linio is now equipped with an improved keypad cover. In addition to the main functions and navigation keys, you now gain access to the speed and tone keys. For more information, please visit the PlexTalk website.

Daisylezer Logo

Developed by Dedicon, designed to work with both - iPhone and iPad. Available from iTunes. Languages: English, Dutch, French, German.

Stratus12 M

More information about this player can be found on the HumanWare website.


Firmware update Version 1.51 for DM-5. Watch a YouTube video about DM-5 features.

Olympus DM-4

To download the latest firmware update please visit the DM-4 and DM-5 Firmware Updates page.

PTN 2 Cross

Available only in Europe, PTN Cross features a cover that offers direct access to the DAISY functionalities. More information is available on the PLEXTALK website.