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  • (General forum) 12 hours 25 min ago

    Hi Jack,

    Try the new DAISY Pipeline 2. It is the successor of the earlier Pipeline. You can get it from

    It has script for DAISY 2.02 and DAISY validation.

  • (Save as DAISY Microsoft forum) 5 days 19 hours ago

    Hi cinoio,

    The Lux DAISY app is not available in my country and therefore i am not able to test it as yet. Some DAISY apps do not support tables.

    However, it is important to check if your DAISY book is correctly formatted. You can test your book on other DAISY apps. You can try Kota DAISY Reader on Android or EasyReader on Windows. If tables display in these apps then the issue is with the Lux DAISY app. If you find that there is a problem with the book, I can help you fix it. You will need to send the Word document to me.

  • (General forum) 2 weeks 4 days ago

    Hi Jacques,

    I have tried to answer your questions based on my experience. I have also included links to online resources for more information.

    Q1. If given a choice, which is the preferred format for text and images for sighted people with reading disability: epub or Daisy?

    Prashant: Both DAISY and EPUB 3 are good. Generally individuals and small organizations find it easier to convert documents to DAISY format.

    Q2. And, for reading that standard with complex layout and images text synced to TTS, what is the optimum cheap versus expensive software?

    Prashant: On Android and iOS you can install Dolphin EasyReader. It is available free of cost from the rspective app stores. It is very good. VoiceDream is also very popular, but it does not display images. On Windows platform, EasyReader is considered to be the best but it is not free. DDReader+ is a free tool for reading DAISY 3 format.

    Q3. Which format is best for e-book creation book scanning where you start with a high resolution image of a page of text - with any level of complexity in design, layout and images - and end up with an ebook which can highlight the text while playing back TTS with user selection of voices and speeds? (The TTS level of control and quality in Voice Dream Reader is my frame of reference.) Very important are the quality and usability of the final product by sighted but reading disabled people and the ease and simplicity of automation of the production.

    Prashant: You will need to run the image PDF through an OCR like Fine Reader. You can export the text with images to a Word file. Now it is very important to mark-up the document using styles. The sections and sub-sections should be applied heading styles, tables, lists and footnotes should be properly created. Images should be provided text descriptions.

    Then you can use any of the following tools to create the DAISY book: Dolphin EasyConverter(fully featured), Dolphin EasyConverter Express(Free version), Save as DAISY plugin for Word(free), Dolphin Publisher(professional tool for many formats).

    Please have a look at the follwoing articles for more information:

    From Inaccessible to Accessible: Workflow Examples

    Text mark-up guidelines for Save as DAISY


    CREATE MULTIMEDIA DAISY BOOKS WITH FREE TOOLS (using text-to-speech audio)

    Thanks, Prashant

  • (Tobi forum) 2 weeks 6 days ago
    I checked the code for both DAISY3 and EPUB3 export: the time format of clipBegin and clipEnd values in SMIL files is fixed to this expanded canonical style. Is this a critical issue for you, or just a "nice to have" feature? Thank you for your feedback! Regards, Daniel
  • (EPUB 3 Accessibility forum) 3 weeks 4 days ago

    Dear Amanda,

    I have mailed you the opf file for reference.

    Thanks for mailing.

    With Regards

  • (EPUB 3 Accessibility forum) 3 weeks 6 days ago

    Hi Rachana,

    Could you please send me a opf file example too?
    I have the same question about the book's original publication data, and I'm researching usage examples.

    Thank you!
    Amanda Ramalho

  • (Obi forum) 1 month 3 weeks ago

    Hello again,

    Silent phrases are not exported during export operation so its not required to delete them separately.
    But again if you want to delete all silent phrases at once, then there is no such feature at present.
    You have to delete them one by one.

    Thanks & Regards

  • (Obi forum) 1 month 3 weeks ago

    Hello Eric,

    Yes Christmas was good , hope you too had a wonderful Christmas with your family.

    Currently we do not have any such feature but if all the empty phrases are in one line/row then you can delete them using "Phrases menu ->Delete following phrases" in one shot.
    Else you have to delete them one by one using shortcut keys.

    Thanks for the mail.


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    I provided my email ID in the last comment. It is pverma[at the rate] Please replace [at the rate] with the regular @ symbol. I wrote the email address in that way to avoid spam.

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    What is your email address?