Narrator: NCX-Audio Only



We produce a DTBook using Narrator from an XML file. We want to distribute the audio without the text content, we do not have the right to distribute it.
Is it possible to produce NCX-AudioOnly books with Narrator ?
Is there any Script / Transformer that transform a full audio/full text DTBook to remove the fulltext ?

Guillaume du Bourguet

Hi Guillaume,

There is a transformer called se_tpb_nccNcxOnly that can create an audio-only book from a full-text full-audio book.
Only DAISY 2.02 is supported so far, and you would need to write a script calling this transformer to use it in the Pipeline.

We can create a feature request to add support for Z39.86 in the next Pipeline release if you need this functionality. As usual we can also assist you if you need something sooner and you're willing to contribute an implementation.


Please give the path to download the transformer

The transformer is included in the default distribution of the Pipeline, but is not usable "as is". As mentioned above you need to write a task script file to drive the Pipeline execution.

FYI, here's the documentation page for the transformer:

Please note that only DAISY 2.02 is supported so far.


Ok thanks