Word2007 to DTBook 2005 XML

I am using Pipeline in command line mode (CLI), and want to add MathDaisy funktionallity. I know how to run TTS Narrator. But which script (or translators) is used for running a Word2007 .docx file to DTBook 2005? Peter

There are (currently) no scripts with such functionality. You would need to use the "Save as DAISY" AddIn for MS Word. Note however that the AddIn can be used in batch mode from a MS console .bat script. I should be possible to integrate it as a Pipeline transformer at low cost (albeit for Windows only). Hope this helps, Romain.

Yes - I would like you to write a Pipeline transformer. But first my boss would like to know how much money low cost is. Can you give an average amount? Peter

Well, when I said "low cost" I meant low cost of development but didn't mean to propose a service on behalf of the DAISY Consortium. Sorry for the misunderstanding. The Pipeline 1 project is now in "maintenance mode", which means it is not a priority for the Consortium to work on new functionality. If you want this new development to happen promptly you shall either: * get some in-house human resource to work on it, and we will assist him getting started with Pipeline-related development * or, if you don't have the skilled developers, you can try and contact the DAISY management (for instance via the contact form on the DAISY website) to see if the priority can be shifted, in which case financial resources might be requested to support the development. Best regards, Romain.