example to call executable from daisy pipeline script

Hello, I am looking for an example where some out-of-the box generic transformer provided by the daisy pipeline is used to call a third party executable. I need to call the html tidy executable as a step in a new script I am creating. I searched a lot on google but didn't come up with anything. Will appreciate any pointers. Regards, Manish

Dear Manish, The generic out-of-the-box subclass that can be used to create a transformer calling an external executable is called org.daisy.pipeline.transformers.ExeRunner. Unfortunately, this facility is not currently used by the set of transformers in the Pipeline source code, so I cannot point you to an existing sample. Basically a transformer needs a Transformer Description File (aka TDF), which points to the class being used (in your case the ExeRunner). You can find useful documentation in: 1. The Transformer Description File grammar documentation: http://data.daisy.org/projects/pipeline/doc/developer/tdf-grammar-v1.1.html 2. The ExeRunner Javadoc (that lists the parameters available to configure the ExeRunner in the TDF): http://data.daisy.org/projects/pipeline/doc/api/framework/org/daisy/pipe... Hope this helps, Romain.

Could someone perhaps offer a bit more help here. A sample of what the TDF file might look like would help.

A minimalist TDF would be:

<transformer version="1.1">
    <name>ExeRunner Example</name>
    <description>Dummy Transformer based on the ExeRunner</description>
    <author>Romain Deltour</author>
    <documentation uri="http://data.daisy.org/projects/pipeline/doc/api/framework/org/daisy/pipeline/transformers/ExeRunner.html"/>


        <parameter required="true" direction="in" type="string">
            <description>The execuatable command</description>