Forum Accessibility Issues


DAISY Forums using Drupal are configured to be easier to navigate, especially for accessibility.

Please use the Contact Us form to suggest adding helpful features or layout changes.

Areas of Improvement

  • RSS feeds are available for each individual forum, to enable you to follow only the topics you are interested in.
  • The list of topics within each forum was done with tables. This is now redone with CSS and reads better, per George. Note this change loses the table option of sorting on each column, such as by number of comments, etc but this does not seem to be of not much use anyway.

Accessibiliity and Use With Screen Readers

We have been working hard to make the DAISY forums efficient to use for everybody. We have been concerned that people who use Assistive Technology, especially screen reader users can navigate to and use the forums quickly and easily.

The first think we have done is to remove clutter on the pages. They are what I would call very clean.

Tips for Screen Reader Users

Headings can be navigated to easily with most screen readers. We have placed headings where we think most people would want to get to quickly. For example in the list of forums, or in the list of topics.

To get to a forum or a topic press the H key. This should take you to the heading. Press tab to go to the link for that item and press enter. You will be taken to the forum or topic.

Input Forms

When entering a new topic or replying to a topic, the form is very simple. There is a title edit box, and a body edit box. These edit boxes behave very well. CTRL+Home takes you to the top, as you would normally expect. all the normal edit navigation keys I have tried work correctly.

If you know HTML, you can use simple HTML elements to produce the text. If two hard returns will be converted to a paragraph, simple text formatting can be done without knowledge of HTML. However, if you want to, you can get very sophisticated with your data entry.

When I click it opens a page with xml code.

They appear fine in Firefox & IE7. What browser are you using?

I'm using Google Chrome. By the way, it should work in the common browsers: - IE - Firefox - Chrome - Safari - Opera

Any workaround?

Confirming that RSS Feeds generated by Drupal appear as XML in Chrome. From what I read, RSS support was added after Chrome was out of beta & it appears to be quite strict in that Drupal seems to be generating some RSS it doesn't like, whereas I did try many feeds where it was fine, NY Times, etc. 1/2009: 2/2010: The main feed at validates with some warnings: The feed on the home page at does not validate: I will follow up with Drupal issue queue, several modules appear to be involved. Workaround is to use a different browser until Drupal is fixed. Thanks! Best Regards - Kathy

So far still not fixed in Drupal 7.14


I am training several students to author Daisy books. They would like to post questions and comments in these forums. However, they cannot find the online form to sign up in them. I myself cannot find it, although I must have used it once. Can anybody lead us to it? Thanks.

Julio, We have had spam attacks recently and we had to temporarily suspend registrations on our website. Please send me the names and email addresses of the people who would like to post to our forums and I shall create user accounts for them so that they can post. Best, Varju

Hi all

yesterday I tried to add comment for my posts but it requires text verification by image or voice but it is really a difficulty for me (a blind). So I think the forum should skip this step to let user add new comment more easyly.

thank all.

Hi all

When I add a new comment for my post (below link), forum requires a text verification step.

But for other topic (e.g this topic), It does not require that step.
do you know why and how to bypass it?

thank all.