How to change TTS Engine of DAISY Pipeline?

Hi, I am working now with the DAISY Pipeline. What I have tried to do is using LocalStreamTTS/RemoteStreamTTS/FilibusterTTS in DAISY instead of the default SapiTTS. But it does not work. DAISY Pipeline sends some error message back like the following: - TTS for xml:lang=de not found, trying to use a default voice. - Leaving SpeechGen3 - Could not find a default TTS voice. Can somebody give me some suggestion? Or a sample ttsbuilder.xml which using LocalStreamTTS/RemoteStreamTTS/FilibusterTTS or how can man use other TTS engine in DAISY Pipeline. Reference link:

There is an example of a ttsbuilder.xml using the LocalStreamTTS in the transformer documentation: Also, for a better understanding of the multi-language support in the ttsbuilder.xml, see this Narrator FAQ sticky post: Basically you can have several language sections (in elements "lang"), each of these declares a TTS engine with the "tts" element. There must be one and only one TTS element tagged with the attribute default="true", which is used as a fallback when there was no TTS engine found for your language. In your case, it seems that the builder couldn't find a TTS for german language (xml:lang="de"), then is trying to use the fallback TTS (with default="true"). Make sure this default TTS is the one you're trying to configure with a LocalStreamTTS. For more configuration samples, in particular for using several TTS slaves remotely, you can try to contact the developers at the swedish library for the blind (TPB) via the Pipeline developers list: HTH, Romain.

I am using DAISY Pipeline GUI for Windows, downloaded from The original ttsbuilder.xml is like the following: .... <param name="class" value=""/> .... if you change the value to 'se_tpb_speechgen2.tts.adapters.LocalStreamTTS' or 'se_tpb_speechgen2.tts.adapters.RemoteStreamTTS'or 'se_tpb_speechgen2.tts.adapters.FilibusterTTS'. Error occurs in DAISY Pipeline GUI. Look at the reference: or the example you mentioned I can not find any parameter for sepecifying TTS engine.

I am using DAISY Pipeline GUI for Mac OS X. All you have to change are the parameters in ttsbuilder.xml. On OS X it can be found at
/Applications/DAISY .
I guess in Windows the path will be comparable under Program Files.
The things you have to do in are very well documented at
Took me hours to find the path, because neither spotlight nor locate indexed it. Dont know why. Maybe I was too impatient. Maybe I should have rebooted my machine. However. Now it works and I hope the windows indesing-service works a little bit better.

The path
/Applications/DAISY to the ttsbuilder.xml should be urgently put into the documentation of the DAISY Pipeline GUI for all operating systems it works on. Would make it much easier to work with that tool.