Daisy Validator Standalone / Jar Library

Hi all, I have been looking for a Java library that provides a validator for the Daisy 2.02 format. I installed the Daisy Pipeline and searched inside its folders and I found some Java libraries, but the Daisy validator is not isolated. Searching for more information, I found this Google Code project, which is being developed by the Daisy Consortium: http://code.google.com/p/daisy-validator/wiki/Requirements One of the user interfaces to be developed is a Java library exposing the runtime engine as a Java API. The problem is that this project has just started... But my question is: is there any Java library that exposes the functionality of Daisy format validation? Thank you in advance for your help. alejo

Dear Alejo, The official DAISY 2.02 validator is a VB program and is archived in the daisytools google code project. The validator included in the Pipeline is a custom cross-platform Java-based implementation but contains only a subset of the tests run in the official validator (roughly equivalent to the "light mode", see this old forum post). You can potentially reuse this validator by creating a custom Pipeline distribution containing only the validator transformer, in which case you also need the Pipeline utils and core libraries and all the dependencies. You can access the validator via the Pipeline API or by directly calling the org.daisy.util.* APIs. As for the daisy-validator project hosted on Google Code, it is a very new project indeed. Although there is no fixed roadmap, it definitely intends to be the reference validation tool for the next DAISY format and we'll most probably release it when the DAISY 4 specification is published (in 2010). One of the requirement is precisely to facilitate the use of the validation as a standalone Java library, but the project is currently only in its inception phase. Don't hesitate to contact me at rdeltour(at)gmail.com for further information on the Pipeline 1 validation API, or use the Pipeline developers list: daisymfc-developer@ists.sourceforge.net. HTH, Romain.

Hi, I have been assigned the task to validate Daisy 2.02 standard books programaticaly using .net framework 2.0 or higher. I am unable to do so because the Daisy 2.02 validator that i m having is in GUI and i am unable to handle it. So please tell me if there is and version of Daisy 2.02 Validator in Command Line Interface, any API that supports .net framework 2.0 or higher or any switch for parameter passing using Command Line Interface. Thanks in advance. Regards, Muhammad Waqas Software Engineer

Dear Muhammad, You can call the Pipeline lightweight DAISY 2.02 validator from the command line. See this guide for more information: http://daisymfc.sourceforge.net/doc/enduser/cmd-user-guide.html HTH, Romain.

I want to validate Daisy standard books and convert audio file programaticaly using php . I am unable to do so because the Daisy validator that I m having is in GUI and I am unable to handle it. Any API that supports php . Please reply me as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,
Manivasagan S.

Dear Manivasagan,

Same answer as the one to Muhammad above. There's no built-in PHP API, I would advise you to develop your own using the command line version of the Pipeline's DAISY 2.02 light validator or a PHP/Java bridge.

The user and developer documentation of the Pipeline is available from: http://www.daisy.org/pipeline/getting-help


I have setup the soap server.Now i want to the SOAP service uses the “document wrapped” port style as definied by DAISY Online. Please assist me to use DAISY Online Protocol. Please advice me.

Manivasagan S.

Dear Manivasagan,

What "SOAP server" have you setup ? If you're talking about the Pipeline Web Service deployment, this has unfortunately nothing to do with the DAISY Online protocol.

The Pipeline WS is a web service API to drive the DAISY Pipeline automated production/validation tool.

The DAISY Online project specifies a web service API that facilitates the delivery of digital resources from service providers to end users. The project itself does not provide any implementation of this WS API. More information on the DAISY Online web site.

Hope this helps, Romain.

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Hi Vasagan,

As Romain mentions in his reply, The Daisy Online standard provides a web service api for multimedia content distribution, whereas the Daisy pipeline web service provides a web service layer for interacting with the Daisy pipeline software that provides automated content conversion capabilities.

If you need further information on setting up a Service that implements Daisy Online, please feel free to drop me a note on:

I'd be happy to walk you through the core concepts, and share our implementation experience.