Character ° in the title of a DTB


Hello Rachana,

we have a DTB recorded with Plextalk and exported following the DAISY 2.02 format.

Then we need to rework it a bit. So I tried to create a new OBI project by importation and it failed because there is the character ° in the

I send you separatly the NCC.HTML and the screen capture of the failure.

My question: the Character ° is used sometimes in french to indicate a 'number' , we use it often like this Chapter °1 for Chapter number 1.
We do not use it everyday, but french know it very well. Why OBI is not able to handle that char ? The NCC HTML is with format UTF-8.


The restrictions in file names is due to the specifications (see below). Its worth mentioning that even some mp3 players will not recognize local language strings in filenames. 3.3.1 Allowed Characters in File Names To assure interoperability when transporting DTBs between various locales and platforms, characters in file names must be restricted to the alphanum definition of [RFC2396], and a subset of the RFC2396 mark definition. This effectively reduces allowed characters to [A-Za-z0-9._-].