Import DTB DAISY 3 with OBI 4.0 and Notes


Hello Rachana,

we import a DTB following the DAISY 3 format (ncx, opf, mp3 and smil files) in OBI 4.0.

Import step is successfull. Anyhow all Notes are there imported in double in OBI. I checked in the DAISY 3 files (mp3 audio) and
of course the audio is unique not in double. Is there something that we miss when we import ?

In the file I am attaching, I captured an OBI screen where you can see the 'call' to the Note (Appel in french) and the 2 Phrases that
are the real Note 6,2 sec and 9,4 sec. You can see that these 2 Phrases are in double. This is also true for the hundreds of Notes in this

The black book is huge (1400 pages), if you need a copy I will copy only the beginning.

Thanks for your help


Hello Eric,

Thanks for the mail.

Duplication of notes on importing the daisy3 file should not happen,it will be good if you can mail me the procedure
of importing on your end.

Also please send me the attachment on


With Regards

thanks Rachana, the black book is one of the largest we have here 1400 pages and can not be copied only on 1 CD.

We need to be sure of the source itself (we got the DTB from the BNFA, french public library). If the source is good, then I will come back to you. We need to check it (was produced with DAISY 3 format).

Anyhow, thanks for your help