Page number not marked

I have a book in word format. I marked all the headings and try to convert to DAISY XML with automatic page number but it marked only 50/60 pages. In the book there are more than 300 pages. Why didn't it mark all pages automatic? Hope to have solution ASAP.



Dear Rajendra,

Your document may be containing a mix of hard and soft page breaks. That is why not all of them is getting recognized. You should have only one type of page breaks.

Open the Word document and press CTRL + * (control and asterix ) to show all formatting marks. Now check beginning of pages and remove manual page breaks and then convert the document.

Let me know if this works for you. You can also email the document to me.

Dear Sir,
I removed all the manual page breaks and convert it but it didn't work. Only 99 pages marked. I have 3 books which has same problem. Here is a link of one book. Please check it and tell me what's the issue and method to solution.

With warm regards

Rajendra Subedi

I checked your document. Apply the correct language. Select all text and then in Accessibility ribbon Select Language and then select Nepali.

then translate the document. I got 313 pages in XML. Note that there will be differences where tables are spanning across pages. For perfect page markup, use custom page numbering.