Listen to a section and look at others in OBI


Hello Rachana,

I think I already asked you this...;-) but now that we use OBI (in parallel with Plextalk, the time to educate all our readers) we find that we really need a way to be able to listen to a Section (Sommaire or Table of Content of the paper book) AND at the same time, display in the Contenu View the Content of another Section. This is particularly useful, when we 'check' the recording of the book. That way we can check/listen that the Pages are fine in the
Section 'Sommaire' according to the display of the Content of the Section where the Pages are.

Is there any chance to have this in a future release of OBI ?

Thanks ?
Eric Houdy

Hello Eric,
Thanks for mailing.

You can turn on play on navigate & hear the entire content of a selected section in content view.
Please use the Ctrl+Shift+ up/down keys to navigate within sections in content view.

Also you can select any phrase/section and do play all. It will automatically play the entire book after the seleted part . It will be easy to check the recording of whole book.
Hope i am able to resolve your issue .

With regards

Thanks Rachana, but I did not succeed to do what we need: I would like to start to hear a given section (Sommaire where we record where are the chapters at what pages), then while
listening to this Sommaire section, I would like to change the display of the Content View to see another section , then see another section etc...all this when listening to the same section.
This is particularly easy with Plextalk and in OBI we miss this facility. That way we check very quickly that the Sommaire (saying Chapter 1 Page 7, Chapter 2 Page 23 etc...) is valid
because we display the content of Chapter 1 (to check the page number) etc...


Hello Eric,

We have not made any high priority feature list for the future release and we have not received any feature of this kind.
So implementing this kind of feature will consume lot of time and may even degrade the performance of Obi.
I would like to suggest, at some time you have to make a decision to leave old software and move to obi completely.

Thanking you.

With Regards