How to insert a new Phrase at the 1st position in an existing sesction ?begi


Hello Rachana,

assume a section with 5 phrases (as an example). Is there a 'direct' way to insert a new Phrase at the beginning of the section. In other words
the existing 5 phrases will then be in position 2,3,4,5,6 and the new one in 1 ? When I say 'direct', it means an easy way...;-) Of course if
I select the existing 1st phrase and Insert a Phrase, then my additional Phrase will be in 2nd position, then I cut the 1st one, Paste it in 2nd
and it is done, but it is not a straight forward action, isn't it ?...;-) I hope I am clear, yes ? ;-)

Thanks for your support

Dear Eric,

In Obi there is a Strip Cursor. It is possible to click and select the spaces between phrases. One can also click before the first phrase. The new phrase gets inserted at the selected position.

in your case, you can click before the first phrase. Note that i am asking you to click just to the left of the first phrase and not in the beginning of it. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + Left arrow or CTRL + Right arrow to move the cursor between the different phrases. When you are at the first position on the Strip, record or copy paste a phrase and it will be the first one. The remaining phrases will move forward in the queue.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Prashant, very good it works ! ;-) I did not know this Strip Cursor, yes it helps .
Have a good day
Eric H.