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<p>Hi, I'm converting some DAISY 2.02 files to EPUB 3 using DAISY Pipeline 2. It generally converts well, except that the notes in the text don't link to the notes at the back of the book. Does anyone know why this is the case, and how I can change the DTBook XML or XHTML? I want the reader to be able to click on the notes in the text and be taken to the note reference. This is the note code in the converted EPUB: <a class="Endnote" href="#endnote-10" rel="note">10</a></p><p>10 This was the case in St Catharines and Welland, and at the Little Deep Cut.</p><p>Attached is a screenshot of how it appears in Adobe Digital Editions 4.5. Thank you.</p>

To create proper footnote in daisy 2.02 books
changes in smil file and content file is required.

An example is given below.

In content file
Note reference:
<a class="noteref" id="dtb6" href="speechgen0002.smil#text6">0</a>

Note text:
<p id="dtb10">0 A picture, </p>

In smil file:

<seq><!--Note reference-->
<par endsync="last" id="par_721">
<text src="file#id_352" id="txt_721" />
<!--Note body-->
<par endsync="last" system-required="footnote-on" id="forcelinkstruct2">
<text id="txt_175a" src="SOF-UNPRPD.html#c012" />