OBI Display TOC and Content text with different font size ?


Hello Rachana,

in OBI 391 is there a way to display the TOC (TDM in french) text (title, headings...) with a certain size AND to display the Contents (the Phrases)
in another font size ?

We would like to have the TOC displayed with an Arial font size 20 for instance and the Contents displayed with an Arial font size 14 (as an

As of today, the display size (zoom+, zoom-) is exactly the same in TOC and COntents and if we decide to zoom- the Contents (to allow a convenient
display, meaning to see a maximum of Phrases) it will also reduce the TOC text size to a point it is difficult to read


Hello Eric,

Currently its not possible to show different font size of text(title, headings etc.) in TOC view and Content View.
Font text & size remains same in all views of Obi.