Tobi (preview build for internal alpha testing)


Dear Tobi users,

This is an announcement for a preview build of Tobi, version, for internal alpha testing (not production-ready).
Please follow this link for more information about new features and bug fixes:

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Internal alpha testing (aka preview build) is complete.

Tobi version is now available for public testing (beta build).

Further information about this release is available at the following link:


Is there any planned date when the public testing is over and Tobi v. can be released as a stable release?

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Hello "smarties", so far the feedback for Tobi has not revealed any particular issues, with respect to newly added features and/or regression bugs in existing functionality. There is no firm release date for a "stable" release yet, but this will be discussed soon. Are you using the app yourself? What are your impressions so far? Thank you! Daniel

Thank you really much for your information. Currently, I do not have time to test your product.

It seems to do work pretty well.

I promise to allocate more time to testing next year and get touch with you with some relevant exprience.