Import Audio file Page role at the last phrase


Bonjour Rachana,

I created a DTB importing audio files (mp3) with filenames containing the page numbering like this one:
It works nop. Anyhow, I have a simple question: why the Page role (attribut) is automatically given to the last phrase of the section and not to
the first one ? Do I miss something ? The audio file I have in this example is Page 1, so I would like to have the first phrase set to Page' as it really starts the first page.


Hello Eric,

Can you please tell me the steps you are following to import page audio files in your project.

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Bonjour Rachana, I create a new Project from scratch, then I have in the TOC 1 line with the title. I then click on 'Phrases' then audio Import. I import 5 or 6 mp3 files like these ones:

then I select the Options:


then I can see this as the result of the Import + phrase detection:

The role/attribut Page is on the last phrase when I was expecting to have it on the first ;-)


Thanks for your help

If needed I can put all this in a Dropbox, tell me

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Hello Eric,

Are you doing section import?
Can you please send me the screenshots of the steps you are doing while importing audio files,
as i want to see the options you have checked in Import Dialog.

Please mail us at

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Hello Rachana,

when I first replied to your question on steps to Import Audio file using this forum, I selected 'Enable Rich text' and Pasted 3 screens captures in my reply. I was able to see them before Saving my post but obviously you can not see them now, me neither...Not sure to understand what is the point of this 'Enable rich-text' facility in this forum...anyhow I am going to send you these 3 screen captures by mail.

Thanks for your help

Hello Eric,

Thanks for sharing the files.

Please go through "Step 1: Work on the audio files" on" for better understanding.

If you do not want different sections for each audio file imported then you can uncheck "Create Section for each audio file" in Import dialog. This will help you to import all audio files in one section.

For different behavior for pages just uncheck this checkbox "# of initial chars to trim" in Import dialog.

Hope it works for you now.

With Regards

Hello Rachana,

no it does not work...;-) as I would like: I succeeded to Import audio file using or not all options. I think I understand that the way OBI is numbering the
Page (when Importing) is like explained in the tutorial:

“Acknowledgements Page 006” will become the third section having the page phrase numbered 6 at the end. AT THE END !!!!!!!!!!

This is what we all do not understand here: why is the Page numbering set at the LAST phrase and not at the FIRST ? I mean if you navigate from Page to Page when reading you do not want to navigate to the last phrase of a Page but to the first ? What do we miss ?

What OBI is doing is this:
"Table of Content" ==== "Content"
Section/Chapter 1 ==== Phrase1 Phrase2 Phrase3......Phrase 125(and Page 1 is set to this Phrase 125)
when we would like to have it numbered like this:
Section/Chapter 1 ==== Phrase1(and Page 1 is set to this Phrase 1) Phrase2 Phrase3......Phrase 125

If we Import that way 100 pages , then we would have to update all page number to have them all located to the valid phrase, the first one.
We can not do this.

Thanks for your help

Hi Eric

I would recommend to go through DAISY standards at 1.

As per DAISY 2.02 standards the first phrase of sections is the heading phrase. Even if you add page at first position, it will not be exported as page phrase. This is why DAISY production houses add page phrase at end of the previous section.

DAISY 3 standards allow adding page phrase at first position, but then you will need to explicitly mark heading role on some other phrase in the section. The practical problem with this approach is that most of the DAISY players do not support this arrangement, so it is not a recommended practice.

1. It would be good to go through standards, it will help in long term

With regards

Bonjour Avneesh,

thanks for the reply. I moved to the DAISY 202 standards and read (part of ;-) ) it...anyhow I still have a 'concern'.
I understand that the Page Role of a given page is set in the last phrase of the previous section. Fine this is 'logical' and 'acceptable'.
Anyhow it is not what I see in my DTB: the page role is indeed set in the last phrase BUT of the given section not the previous.
I explain:
I imported a DTB from audio file like this:
004_ this_ is_ my_first_ page_Page_1.mp3
005_ this_ is_ my_second_ page_Page_2.mp3
006_ this_ is_ my_third_ page_Page_3.mp3
and in OBI after Import the Page 1 role is set as the last phrase of 004_ this_ is_ my_first_ page_Page_1 and NOT of the PREVIOUS
section 'Sommaire'. Do I miss something ?

Thanks for your help

Hi Eric

If you want page at end of the section, "Sommaire", then you should append the string "Page_1" after the file 003_Sommaire.mp3.
You are adding this page label to next mp3 file, this is why the page role is created in the next section.

You need to do arrangement of pages in your mind before naming the mp3 file names. This algorithm of import sections is created on the basis of production workflow of existing DAISY production centers. I will not say that standard expect this kind of naming of files, but it is the practice followed by existing production centers.

With regards