Enlarge the Welcome window (when OBI starts)


Hello Rachana,

when we launch OBI 391 clicking on its icon on the Desktop, it displays the Welcome window (Bienvenue dans OBI in french) where you have
create a new project, etc...
The second item in this window is displayed as 'Créer un nouveau projet par' which in french means nothing. The complete
sentence is 'Créer un nouveau projet par importation' and indeed I think that the translation is fine it is probably only the
box containing the display of the action that is too 'narrow'.
Could you enlarge that Welcome window so that it display the whole text ? For newcomers it is not a good thing to see a truncated
sentence as a beginning...;-)

I attach a screen capture after this post

Thanks a lot

Hello Eric,

Thanks for the suggestion we will try to incorporate it in our next release.