DAISY format validation


Hello Rachana,

I am using for the first time the DAISY 2.02 validation tool in OBI 391. I have few questions:

1) Is this step 'mandatory'/'advisable' AFTER we use the DAISY 2.02 export facility in OBI ?
We have already exported dozen of DTB but never realized we should (?) also validate.

2) I used light validation for DAISY 2.02; I exported into an .XML file . During the validation step, there is no
message indicating if the validation step went well or not. The 'result' is in the .XML file. Well, I think, because the .XML
file is empty (0 row, nothing in it) which is probably correct if the DTB is OK, but not easy to understand if an empty
file means 'no deviation vs the DAISY format' or 'the validation step did not start or whatever reason the file could be empty.
Do you see what I mean ? May be if no error, you could add a simple sentence/warning in the XML saying 'Validation OK' or whatever ?

Thanks for your support
Eric Houdy

Hello Eric,

After exporting, it is must to validate the book to ensure its compliance with DAISY standards.
We must correct the errors and export the DTB again, and continue the process of validating and exporting till all the errors are rectified.
It will be easy for the players to play the error free DTBooks.


Thanks Rachana. I have still my question 2: if I decide to have the error report in an xml file, this one is empty if the validation went well. Is this correct ?
yes ? No row in the report file means no error ?

I have also an aside question: if I decide not to file the validation report, then the result of the validation is displayed on the screen of OBI 391 for
one of my colleague but not for me: the validation went well, no error, which is normal but no message on my OBI screen.



The XML file is for logging the error, if its empty that means there is no error.The validation went well.

The validation report message box is shown up always,sometimes it comes behind the obi window.