Automatically display the read Sections/Phrases ?


Hello Rachana,

I am listening to a whole DTB (I selected Read Options, Read all). I would like to see in the Content panel (where the Phrases are displayed)
the Sections/Phrases OBI is reading. I mean I would like OBI to automatically display the section (and Phrases) where it is reading.
As far as I can see now, if I have displayed Section1 (for instance) and OBI is moving to Section 2, then the display will stay at Section 1
How to we always display what is read ?

Thanks for your help

Hello Eric,

The auto scrolling to next section while play all is going on, will put lot of load on the system.
The Obi screen refreshes to load all phrases in a section in Content view during play all.
This may lead the system to freeze or become unstable.
So we have disabled the feature of autoscroll while playback is on.

Thanks & Regards