Crash on shortcuts on windows XP


Hi again,

Firstly, I can mention we are currently installing Obi on about eighty readers computers, and that is why we might find out some more problems in the current weeks/months, and post here!

Obi is crashing on some shortcut use (such as 'r' to record, space bar to pause) on one of our reader's machine.

It is a pretty old windows xp computer, but still performing very well. Very little resource (memory/cpu) is used. I join the long error message as attachment, short version would be:

System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.GCNotificationStatus System.GC.WaitForFullGCComplete(Int32)'.
at Obi.ProjectView.ContentView.ShouldSkipKeyDueToMemoryOverload(Keys key)


Simon Schulé

File attachment do not seem to work, I will send report to

The old XP machine used by you has problem in registry. This is why the garbage collector functions are not able to execute. This happen either on old machines or sometimes also if the copy of windows is not genuine.
We created a version of Obi for such old machines. It does not have explicit calls for garbage collection so there may be problems due to memory overloads, but it will enable you to work on old XP machine.

With regards

It works, thank you very much!