unable to run AMIS



I have downloaded AMIS but unable to run on my laptop. I am using window 10. It gives me below error while running:

"AMIS (Aaptive Multimedia Information System) has stopped working , A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

Also while installing AMIS it prompted me to install JAVA whereas I have JAVA already installed on my laptop with updated version. Its Java 8 update 121.

Could you please help to resolve my issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Revati Jadhav

AMIS is not updated to run on Windows 10. It will be better if you use other DAISY reading tools. You could use DDReader+ for DAISY 3 version books or EasyReader which supports all versions of DAISY.

More information on software playback tools is on DAISY website.

Fortunately, I can use AMIS on Windows 10 to read DAISY books. I was advised earlier about AMIS with Compatibility Mode and I have it

Is there a way for prospective users on Windows 10 to install AMIS with Compatibility Mode to check if it will work?

Anyone can install AMIS on Windows 10 since it is free. After successful installation, one should run AMIS normally. If that does not work, then one should try the compatibility modes. The compatibility modes are available in each installation.

I have exactly the same problem that was mentioned above.
The compatibility mode works, but I can't see the text of the book on the screen. I can hear the book being read, but it is not possible to read along with the voice.
The suggested other daisy-readers aren't useful to me, since they don't support Dutch. My 9-year old boy needs a program to read, he only speaks Dutch...
Any idea on how to solve this problem?
Thank you

My problem is solved. The compatibility mode works as it should be working. The e-library that we are working with only delivers the audio files.
Sorry for the mistake!