National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) DAISY books


NIOS is a government of India institute. It publishes text books in PDF and some in DAISY and some in EPUB also

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We have students with dyslexia (print disability) who have enrolled in NIOS secondary.

I am carrying out trials to read DAISY format text books using software readers

I downloaded a Book in zip format and extracted 202_ClassX_English_part1 (file folder)

The folder has many *.smil files and *.mp3 files. It does not have any other type of files.

DDReader+ could not read it as it was looking for an OPF file, which is not present

A demo version of Dolphin Easy Reader also failed to read it,

I then tried two other NIOS text books Both of which had a file 'ncc.html'. Dolphin Easy Reader could opne and provide audio output of these books. But, DDReader+ could not open them (no OPF file)


1. Is there an error in book '202_ClassX_English_part1' as it does not have a 'ncc.html' file? Can NIOS rectify this?

2. When I used Dolphin Easy Reader to open the other NIOS text book that includes the "ncc.html" I could hear the words but I could not see the text line by line . I.e. Dolphin gave me audio output did it not provide 'synchronised read-aloud' of text and audio. 
tudents with dyslexia do benefit when they receive dual sensory input from their books. Does the structure of this NIOS DAISY textbook prevent it from synchronised read-aloud or is it a limitation of Dolphin Easy Reader?

3. Which reader will provide synchronised read-aloud' of NIOS DAISY Textbooks? NIOS advises aksing SAKSHAM for guidance

3. AMIS: we tried AMIS. It aborts on Windows 10 laptops (we tried 3 laptops). So we do not know if AMIS would give us the desired facility




Dear Probir Kumar,

On the NIOS website the books are available in both DAISY and EPUB format. The DAISY format books are audio only, they do not contain the text but have the complete narration of the content.

The EPUB format has the complete text of the book. I think these will be most suitable to you. Dyslexic students may open then in EasyReader and use the in-built TTS voice to have it read aloud with word level highlighting. These files can be opened in other EPUB readers like Vital Source Bookshelf and Azardi on Windows, VoiceDream app on Android and iOS etc.

You can find more information on these readers in DAISYpedia.

Thanks you PVerma for your advice and information about limitations on DAISY format textbooks published by NIOS and recommendations to use EPUB format textbooks of NIOS

Our students with print disabilities will use Balabolka freeware to read EPUB textbooks of NIOS

NIOS textbooks for Mathematics, Science and Technology and Painting are available only  in PDF and DAISY formats. As DAISY format audio only textbooks are not useful to dyslexic students, we would be happy to receive suggestions for means to convert the PDF format books to EPUB format



Saksham Trust and the DAISY Forum of India have converted the NIOS books to DAISY and EPUB. They continue to convert books on a regular basis and they will be happy to do books on your request. Please contact Mr. Dipendra Manocha on his email ID "d[at the rate]". Please replace [at the rate]with @ symbol. He can also arrange trainings if you want to do the conversion yourself.