Accented caracters in export and "rename files" function


We just produced our first daisy books with OBI, worked well, great work.

We only had an issue at export time.

We produce books in french in daisy 2.02 format, and use accented characters (é, à, ù, etc...). We need them in the table of content section names, but not in the exported filenames (I believe it can lead to problems with some readers).

The book export function with "add section name to file name" activated keeps the accents (and we like to add that section name to filenames).

There seems to be a "rename files" function in the tools menu, with a "only use secure characters" option but we were not able to get it to work (it ends instantly and leaves the "renamed" folder empty).

So in conclusion:
I believe the "file rename" function does not work very well, or is unclear in its use.
I think it would be useful tu have a "safe characters only" in the export dialog.

Finally, i do not see the usefulness of the "aud" prefix in the filenames, I think it could be optional.

Thank you!

Hello Sschule,

Welcome to Obi forum and thank you for using Obi.
Using Fileset Rennamer in Tools menu you can give any prefix name to the exported audio and smil file.

Here are the steps to be followed:
First export the project in DAISY 202 standard.
Validate the project using Daisy 202 light validator.
Click Fileset Rennamer in Tools menu.
Select Standard for accessible book. Eg Daisy 2.02.
In Fileset Rennamer dialog, there will be base name textbox, enter the name of the audio file. Eg. i entered File_ .
Press Ok button.You will get a confirmation dialog.
Go to project directory and open Renamed folder.
In folder you can see all the files are created with prefix file,Eg. file_001.wave .

Thanks for the suggestion.We will look into it.

With Regards

Hi, thank your for your reply. I did all the steps you suggested (on multiple books). When I click Ok, the process ends instantly and the Renamed folder stays empty. I still do not understand why you force a prefix (base name) to files, as they are already numbered from 001_ to last_number_of_sections. Is there a log where I can see the potential crashes or error messages? Best regards, Simon

I just added a screenshot of my rename files dialog in the original post (don't think I can add one to a reply).

Obi uses Pipeline-lite as backend for fileset renamer and other Validators to run.
Sorry to inform you that Pipeline for obi does not work with non English characters in path.
For any image screenshots you would like to share with us , please mail us at:

Thanking you.


Thank you, at least we know.

Then it would be a very good idea (if not a necessity) to allow the escaping of non english characters in the export operation.


Simon Schulé