Feature requests



- Could you please add shortcuts for zoom in and out in the waveform view?
- Shortcut hotkeys for different zooms are great as well.
For example: 1: max zoom (word level), 2: medium zoom (sentence level), 3: med-minimum zoom (paragraph level), 4: minimum zoom (entire content)
- Zooming with the scrollwheel would be a big plus. (maybe while holding CTRL)
- Scrolling trough audio with the scrollwheel (without CTRL, but with ALT for example)
- Add dB scale to the VU meter

I'd like to here your thoughts on this!


Hi Daniel,

In Tobi you have to save the recordings otherwise you will not have the recordings you have just made. Why is there no automatic function for saving the recorded materials as in LpStudioPro and Sigtuna? We work with voluntary readers and the lack of an automatic save function is really unfriendly and will cause serious problems. Therefore I want to request an automatic save function in Tobi. CHJ

Thank you for your feedback. There is an automatic backup feature, which saves the project at regular intervals. This is however a rescue feature, the main project copy must be saved manually.

Waveform scrolling (horizontal panning) is now implemented using mouse scroll wheel. SHIFT modifier key for faster scroll. Waveform zooming is also activated using mouse wheel, with CTRL modifier key (also SHIFT for faster zooming). Waveform zooming now has quick-access shortcuts (subject to keyboard focus on waveform area, as usual in Tobi with single-key shortcuts): zero number key for "fit to width", 1-9 for staged zoom levels. These new features will be available in the next build. Code change sets: https://daisy.trac.cvsdude.com/tobi/changeset/1972 and https://daisy.trac.cvsdude.com/tobi/changeset/1973

To clarify the automatic project save / backup features, there are now two separate settings, named accordingly. "auto backup" is the legacy original bahaviour, which controls the creation (enabled by default) of a single .AUTOSAVE file copy of the main XUK project file, created at each change in the project's authoring session (which means that the latest project state is always preserved, even in case of crash before the user has time to save the project). There are also the multiple dated backup files, created in the project folder each time the project changes (these allow the user to go back in the project's history even once Tobi is closed (when Tobi is open, Undo-Redo is the reliable method for backtracking, so this is a backup feature in case something goes wrong)). "auto save" is different, in the sense that the actual XUK project file is overwritten each time there is a change in the authoring session, without requiring the user to invoke CTRL-S. This new feature is turned off by default. Code diff: https://daisy.trac.cvsdude.com/tobi/changeset/1974 Regards, Daniel

Please follow the following link to learn more about an updated build of Tobi (v2.6.1.2) that includes the requested waveform zoom functionality, as well as the suggested project auto-save feature: http://www.daisy.org/tobi/tobi-