OBI should display the Page Number on a new line in Content View


Hello Rachana,

in addition to the requirement to be able to see by default the entire Page Number displayed in the Content View, we would like to add
also the display of a Page always at a new line. So for us a Page will always be displayed on the left of the Content View.
The reason is because we find very difficult to understand where we are in the book if we look quickly at the Content View.

What we do not like ;-) in the screen capture is that Page 67 is displayed as 'Page' but is on the left (which is good) , then Page 68 is
displayed on the right part of the Content View and Page 69 almost at a beginning of a line. We would like Page 67, PAge 68 and Page 69
always located at a beginning of a Content View line (so aligned on the left). Possible ?

Thanks for your support

Hello Eric,

You can see list of all page phrases by opening Special Phrase list dialog(Phrases menu) or using keys Ctrl+F3.
You can select "All pages" in combo box and press Find button. The list box will display all the pages in the book with the section names and phrase number.

Also you can play the page phrases using F4 key or Ctrl+Page Down/Up keys.It will help you in playing the page phrases one by one.

Thanks & Regards