OBI does not Display Full Page Number in Content View


Re bonjour Rachana,

in the Content View, we can see Objects like a Page or a Phrase. Very Often the Page role (the number of the page) is not entirely displayed in
orange color (I understand this is related to the duration of the Phrase). In the first screen capture I send you you will see
'Page 6' and 'Page 68'. This is what I see in the Content View by default. In fact it is 'Page 67' and 'Page 68'. I know that I can expand the
zoom of the audio, but I would like to see the Number of the pages entirely in ALL cases (whatever is the scale of the Display).
I do not want to spend time to zoom or unzoom to see the full page number. I also know ;-) that if I move the mouse pointer to the Page role
I will see the page number in an additional popup, but this is a one shot action, I mean if I would need to do this also for the next page if
it is not displayed etc...

We found it quite 'difficult' to understand where we are exactly in the pages of the book when reading at the Content View.
We would prefer to always see the Page Number entirely, like in the second screen capture I am sending to you. Possible ?

May be in a next release ? ;-)

Thanks for your help

Hello again,

The phrase(audio block) size depends on the recorded audio in it.
As per the example of page 79 and page 80, you can see that audio in page 79 is less as compared to page 80(13.42s).

So when page phrase is created(either during live waveform or through phrase detection) , considering the input size of audio , the block is formed irrespective of the phrase/page label.
As less will be the audio input, the phrase label will be that small.

If you hover the mouse over the phrase then tooltip will show the full name of the page/phrase.
Hope i am able to help.

Thanks & Regards

We also had this issue of 'page display can become too small' at Vision Australia. We have found the new 'minimum size page display' feature is excellent solution to this issue and is working well for us at Vision Australia.