OBI limitation on the sound card - noisy recording ?



we use sometimes OBI 3.9 on a 'quite old' portable here at the association office. A HP one. It is on Windows XP 3 32 bits.
When we use it with our 'normal' headset (Sennheiser SC 60) to record a book, the recording is systematically noisy at
a point we almost can not hear the recording itself. This headset is working fine on other PCs we have in the office.
This headset is connected to the computer with 2 separate jacks (one for the microphone, one for the earphones).
When we use it with these 2 jacks, OBI does not find the headset at all. When we connect it with an USB adaptor, then
it is recognized but then the record is very very noisy.

We are wondering if there are some limitations with the soundcard or whatever other settings ???

I can send you the test we did ( if you wish

Thanks for your help
Eric Houdy

Hello Eric,

It will be good if you can try different sound drivers in audio preferences.

You can do this by following the steps given below:
Open Preferences (Ctrl+Alt+F).
Select Audio Tab.
In output device name you can select the appropriate sound driver.
Press Ok button.

Hope it helps.
Thanks & Regards