Navigation pane color



Is there a way to see in the navigation pane which items have audio present?
In the document pane I can select a color, this would be great to have in the navigation pane as well.
So you could quickly see where you stopped recording last time.

In addition to this: is it possible to automatically open the project at the position you stopped last session?



We are taking note of the suggested functionality.

In the interim, can you please see if the "validator" feature ("tools" menu) may help you achieve the same result?

There is a "missing audio" tab where listed elements can be double-clicked (keyboard accessible too, of course) in order to bring the selected item into view (i.e. in the document pane, as well as the table of contents).

Regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, that does work. However, that seems intended for checking/verifying audio content at the end of the book.
If you want a quick check to see where you're at in the book or where you ended last time, it's a bit 'over functioned'.
Especially for our readers who are not so tech-savvy and like to keep it simple:).

Kind regards,