Task Validator Failed - Incorrect Heading Hierarchy



I'm having an issue that I'm unable to solve. I'm converting valid DAISY XML (using the plugin) to a Daisy Book. Everything runs great, until the Validator stage when I get 2 errors (both "Incorrect heading hierarchy) and then the validation fails. I've attached the error message.

I have gone through the document countless times (it's been a few weeks now) to ensure that my headings are correct (the document doesn't skip headings and there's no same level headings next to each other without content in between). But the same 2 errors keep occurring and the process cannot complete.

Has anyone seen this error before, and if so, how did you fix it?

Any tips are much appreciated.

Thank you!

In all probability this error is due to heading hierarchy. At times it is difficult to locate the issue in the document. If you can share the Word document then i will be able to locate the error and make the file ready for translation. Please send the file to my email ID pverma(at the rate)daisy.org.