Impossible to create a project by import (un président ne devrait pas dire ça)


I received a CD with a DTB as created by a reader for us. There is a NCC.HTML, some MP3s, SMILs and so on. When I try to create a new OBI project by importation after having checked the name of the book + the ID + selected a new directory, the importation starts and after a while a very vague error message appears in french: <>. I have no idea why this is happening. Is there a place with error messages or whatever ? I am able to open this book in PLEXTALK. I can send you the ncc.html + some other files if you need ?
I am going to send to Rachana at least the error message and the ncc.html
Thanks for your help

Thanks for your reply RAchana, telling me the a000001.mp3 file is not coded as a standard mp3 file. For me to understand: I am able to listen to this mp3 as a standalone file using QuickTime Player, Windows media player, VLC media player and some others media player. What I listen is perfect french...;-) Are you able to listen to it using one of your media player ? I am also able to open this DTB in Plextalk, so not sure this is really coming from the a000001.mp3 file ? Are you sure ? ;-) Could it be that this book in itself is very large and is recorded on 2 CDs. I tried to import the CD1 in OBI. How OBI is handling multi CDs for one DTB ? Is there a place ( a log) where error messages could be more explanatory than the one I just received after the import ?

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Hi Eric,

The DAISY book sent by you is incomplete. It does not have "a000654.mp3", but your DAISY book references this file.

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Thanks a lot Avneesh, you are perfectly right. Now I try to understand HOW you found this ;-). I explain:

This a000654.mp3 file is referenced in the ptk00001.smil but is not there in the 653 files of the book as you mention. Right. But as I sent
you only a very small portion of the 653 files (it would have been 223Mo, too large) you were not able to determine this just by looking at the 10 files I sent you...;-)

1) I am wondering where exactly you found the culprit was a000654.mp3. I mean do you have a log of the OBI import with error messages
that helps you to determine errors ?
2) Does that mean that each time an OBI end user is manipulating OBI then log records are sent to OBI centrally ?
3) In fact what I try to understand: Is there a way for us when having this 'error of import', to see the detail of the error ?
4) Here we had 653 files and 'only' 1 is missing (a000654.mp3) and we do what ? We resend the full book to our reader and ask him to record again ? Not possible,to read a book is almost a month. So it means I could go through all smils, extract all mp3 names and see if 1 or more is missing. This is a bit cumbersome, no ? So I am SURE ;-) OBI has a log somewhere with the errors...Yes ? No ?

Thanks again for your good support
Au revoir
Eric Houdy

Hi Eric

I checked smil file, there was audioClip pointing to a000654.mp3, but it was not in the project. If you are sending or receiving books online, then it is better to transfer the zip of the DAISY book instead of transferring multiple files. This will avoid the missing files problems that you described.

We will be looking into improving the import exception messages in order to provide more accurate information to the users.

With regards