Obi 3.9 is released!


Dear all,

Obi 3.9 comes with superior performance and enhanced capabilities to integrate with members' diverse production environments. It presents separate set of installers for 64-bit systems to utilize better capabilities of the 64-bit Windows systems and comes with option to increase the efficiency for screens with higher resolution.

It implements the feature requests like cleanup rollback for reversing the last cleanup operation, more information in phrase & project properties for advance users and enhancements to on-the-fly phrase detection.

In addition, the release comes with several new configurations and personalization's for much better integration with members' production workflows, which can be configured instantaneously via preferences profiles.

New Obi also comes in Portuguese! Thanks to Vitor Ferreira for translations!

Please visit the Obi project area to check out the full list of features, configurations and bug fixes:

We will like to thank all the contributors & supporters for their valuable feedback and consistent support.

With regards
Obi-Tobi Team