Add audio to eBook


Please explain how to: Take one of the eBook formats produced from Calibre (, such as the ePub (not DAISY ePub), and import it into Obi to Generate Speech? Just importing the eBook gives a successfull import message, but seems to be otherwise blank.
If this cannot easily be done, what is the best way to add TTS to a generic (Public Domain) eBook?

Hello Larry,

Thanks for writing to Obi Forum.
For Ebook TTS generation, you have to download and install Tobi.
Here is the link to download: .
Please install Tobi from the link given above and then you can generate TTS for whole EBook.
Feel free to write to us if you have any more query.

Thanks & Regards

If possible, it would be great if the plain-text/ePub to DTB capability were added to Obi. Tobi is relatively not accessible with ZoomText, wherease Obi is very accessible. And Tobi runs very slowly in the Generate TTS function.

Thank you for your suggestion,we will look into it.