New to Daisy players


My mother recently started to use the daisy player due to her low vision.
I would like to know a little more about the daisy players

Can they use cd and dvd disc's.

I have a dvd with 28 files in mp3 format that total 898MB

How do I convert this to be able to play in a daisy player

She has some books with one story that are on one disc and other books with one story that have several disc's.
Why is this they seem to run the same length of time.

There are many options for reading DAISY books. There are software applications that can be installed on computers, tablets and smart phones and then there are many stand alone hardware DAISY readers. You can find out more about software and hardware DAISY reading tools at [1]. Some of the hardware DAISY readers like the PLEXTALK Linio can use CDs. These players also support MP3 audio books. You need not convert the MP3 book to play on such devices. Which DAISY reader is your mother using? I can give you more information if you tell me the make and model of the DAISY reader with you. [1]

I was hoping I could download a book and burn it to a cd or dvd for her to use.
Some books she gets have only 1 disc where the others books have upto 13
Can these multiply disc be copied to a single dvd, have also thought of trying to get her a PTX1 and use the USB port.

She would find it difficult to use a computer or tablet as her low vision.

You may get her a new DAISY player that supports USB, memory card and if you are in Americas or Europe then also DAISY online. You can look at Plextalk Lineo or Victor Stratus. See details on the Hardware Readers on DAISY website.

If you are downloading books then it is better to put them in USB stick or memory card. Just make sure you put each volume of the book in a separate folder.

Thanks for your help, I have a couple additional questions.
Does it matter how many mp3 chapters the book has, does the Daisy player continue to the next chapter ?
Stop listening and returning to the book, bookmarks do work on mp3 chapters?

If the books are in DAISY format then you will get many more navigation features. Even in MP3 audio books, devices like the Plextalk Linio support resume from last position and bookmarks. You can make the device play the audio files in sequence.

Do explore the possibility of getting the books you need in DAISY format. An organization for the blind or a library may be providing such books. DAISY books will be more convenient to use. If you tell me where you are, i may be abel to help further.

We're in Australia,
Vision Australia have a library where they post out cd's or I can download from.
I was trying to find somewhere else to download from without paying a subscription.
Sick of going to a site that advertises free audiobooks only to find after the first book there is a monthly fee.

Thought there might of been away to download audiobooks or MP3 and change them if needed to Daisy format.

The DAISY Consortium provides a free tool named Obi. It is the most popular tool for creating DAISY audio books. This tool can be used to convert audio files to DAISY easily. The steps are outlined in this DAISYpedia article Convert audio files to DAISY Book.

To know more about Obi and to download it go to

We will try to identify more sources for accessible books in Australia and write to you soon.

Prashant has already provided information about Obi that can be used to create structured navigable audio books. There was an article published recently, 15 Great Websites for Free Audiobooks (, this may give you some ideas for obtaining free audio books.

Thanks for all your help