Installed Voice


What is the American Male voice that reads the "Getting Started" sample document when AMIS is first installed? How can it be used to read other books in AMIS?

The Help Manual in AMIS is provided as a pre-recorded audio book. Therefore, you cannot use the same voice to read other DAISY books in AMIS.

You can install any of the TTS voices available in the market and use them to read out DAISY books. Note that few voices from Microsoft are already installed on all systems.

You can check the Ivona or Nuance voices.

After you install a voice, in AMIS click FILE menu >> PREFERENCES and select the preferred voice from the list.

Thanks for the immediate response. Does anyone know which voice was used to record the AMIS manual, since it is great.

I have been told that it is the OSx default voice. Try any Mac computer and you will see that voice.