How to make a Type 4 Daisy book with human voice



I have recently received a request at work to make a type 4 daisy book (full audio and full text) with a human voice instead of a synthetic voice. I know how to make a Type 2 daisy book with human voice and a Type 4 daisy book with synthetic voice, however I am completely lost in making a Type 4 daisy book with a human voice.

My initial thought was that I would make a Type 2 book and Type 4 book of the document, and just replace the synthetic voice audio from Type 4 with the human voice audio from Type 2. Is this correct? Do I need any sort of special software in order to create a type 4 daisy book with human voice? I currently use Obi and AMIS as my Daisy programs.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


First it is important to establish what is meant by DAISY 4. There is DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 standard in use at present. DAISY has since adopted the EPUB 3 standard which may be reffered to as DAISY 4 by some. You may check with your client as to what is there requirement - a DAISY 3 or EPUB 3 book. The good news is that whatever they choose, your book production workflow and choice of authoring tools will not change much.

Secondly since you need to create a book with full text and audio, you need tools other than Obi which can create books with audio only.

You could invest in acquiring Dolphin Publisher. This tool can produce books with full text, images and human voice or TTS audio as per your preference. It can export the book in DAISY 3 and EPUB 3 standard.

You can achieve these outputs also with the free combination of Save as DAISY and Tobi. However, the input file requirements are some what strict. We have sufficient self learning tutorials and videos on these tools in DAISYpedia. You can start by reading the article CREATE MULTIMEDIA DAISY BOOKS WITH FREE TOOLS (using pre-recorded audio or live recording). And I am there to help out, just sen me your questions.