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Hy, My name is Claudio Burdese. I work in a public library in Turin, Italy.
I'm looking for a Daisy software reader with an italian voice.
Probably the only one available is still and old version of TPB reader 1.1 but this software can't read daisy 3 books.
The Italian agency for the Blind (Unione italiana dei ciechi) produce only daisy 2 talking book and italian blind users still use only this format.
Do you know if anyone is working at an italian translation of AMIS?
Thanks for your help.

Dear Claudio,

You can do it yourself.
To start, please write an email to the address mentioned here:


Hi Claudio,

As Olaf mentioned, you are more than welcome to get involved as a translator for AMIS. About 2 years ago, someone started a translation of AMIS into Italian, but as there has been no activity on that for some time, I would be happy to switch the account over to you or someone else at your organization. Just drop me an email if you're interested.


marisa [dot] demeglio [at] gmail.com