Where can I start for publishing a Daisy?



I wrote some books for blind users and wants them to publish as Daisy format with no charge.
I have downloaded OBI, TOBI and Word Save as plugin. My questions are;
1. Are they enough? where can I start?
*But using 3 different software sounds not good...
2. I heard Book Wizard Producer on your website, do I need to buy it?
*If I buy it, is it possible to use only this software for creating 6 types of daisy with one software?
E.g: full audio, full text and audio, only full text etc.
3. Do you have an other software recommendation? I'm looking for all-in-one solution or using maximum 2 software for everything.

Thanks for your answers from now, best regards.

Happy to know that you want to publish in DAISY format.

Please note that there are basically three types of DAISY books:

  1. Audio only - with complete recording of the publication
  2. Full text full audio - with complete text of the publication and its recording
  3. Text only - contains only the text of the publication.

The type two and three above can also include images. The recording in the first two types above can be in human voice or generated by text-to-speech.

If you want only one tool that can do all the three types then you may use Dolphin Publisher or Book Wizard Producer. Both tools need to be purchased.

However, note that you need not create two or more DAISY versions of the same publication. You could consider converting your books to full text full audio version and that should take care of all use cases.

But if you do not want to do human voice recording then the text only DAISY version will be good.

For creating type 1 DAISY books, Obi is available free of cost with self learning tutorials and videos from DAISY Consortium.

For creating type 2 and 3 you can use a combination of Save as DAISY and Tobi. These tools are also available free of cost.

I will be pleased to assist you in getting started with whatever tool you choose.

Hello PVerma,

I'm really happy to see your answer. This is a nice information/summery that I saw.

Firstly, full text daisy sounds good, it seems that I have to use save as plugin+tobi.
If I prefer full audio, I have to useOBI am I right? (I can prefer human voice as well)

At a result, I will not buy Book wizard producer. are free tools that you share enough?


If you want only audio books with no text then only you need Obi. Otherwise, the Save as DAISY and Tobi combination is enough. In Tobi you can record both human voice and TTs audio. These two tools should be enough. I have included links to the websites of these tools in my above comment.

Hi again,

How can I use word for preparing the Daisy before exporting to TOBI?


Please have a look at this tutorial on Creating a multimedia book with free tools. It describes all that you need to do.

Also checkout the tutorials on this page of DAISYpedia.


When I select 'validate' option from accessibility menu,
plugin says: 'Validation completed, This document is valid'
But when I choose Save XML from a single docx, plugin shows this message about end of the translation process: 'Translation failed, and translated document is invalid.
The 'a' start tag on line 528 does not match the end tag of 'p'. Line 528, position 18.'

How can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

While importing same document, TOBI shows following message;
'[System.Exception] The 'a' start tag on line 507 position 5 does not match the end tag of 'p'. Line 507, position 18.'

How can I Fix them?


When the DAISY translation fails, do not import the files into Tobi, the project will have errors and the whole process will not go through successfully.

Regarding the errors, try removing the hyperlinks in the Word document and translate to XML again. I hope you have read the Text markup guidelines for Save as DAISY.

If you still have probelms, you may send me the Word document to check. My email ID is pverma[at the rate]daisy.org.


I removed all links and page translated successfully. Now I need following informations as last :)
1. I'm adding headings to the Word document and I can see my structure in OBI without problem. How can I prepare Table of contents area?
2. I noticed that using OBI easy then TOBI for managing sections etc. can I use OBI creating only full text Daisy without audio? (Do I have to use TOBI?)
3. If I have to use TOBI; is it possible to read and split pages/topic to different sections?

I'm very glad to read your posts, learned lot of thing. Thanks a lot!

Please note that you need to use Obi only if you want to create audio-only DAISY books. If you want to create DAISY books that have complete text then obi has no place in the workflow.

Regarding table of contents you have two options.

Option 1: You could insert the automatically generated TOC in Microsoft Word. After applying heading style on sections and sub-sections, click the Table of Contents button in References ribbon. You will be able to insert a TOC with or without page numbers just like the print books.

Option 2: In DAISY books a table of contents is automatically generated using all the headings. The readers of the DAISY book always have the option of navigating to any section or sub-section. If an table of contents is included in the beginning of the book it is to a great extent duplication of the TOC generated by the DAISY book.

I will suggest that you do not worry about inserting a table of contents in your Word document and instead focus on creating a well structured Word document.

Tobi does have few options for manipulating the structure of the document. However, these features are for those users who are well accustomed to editing XML files. An easier way is to make changes in the Word document and import it again in Tobi after translation with Save as DAISY.

You need to use Tobi only if you want to create full-text books with human voice audio or no audio at all. And for these purposes you will find Tobi very easy to use. Let me know if you have any specific question on Tobi.

I appreciate your use of the DAISY forum. Many other producers of DAISY will most likely benifit from this exchange of ideas.

You could consider converting your books to full text full audio version and that should take care of all use cases. But if you do not want to do human voice recording then the text only DAISY version will be good.