Can a session refer to multiple audio file (.mp3, .waw)?


Dear all,

for Daisy audio books (NCC audio or full audio and text books), then each session will refer to only an audio file (.mp3 or .waw) right?
Or a session can refer to multiple audio files? that mean a audio phrase can be placed on a separated audio file?

Can anyone clarify my understanding?

thank all.

Dear Dung,

the audio contents of a section in a DAISY book can be contained in more than one audio file.DAISY 2.02 specifications as follows. The NCC - SMIL - Audio relationships..... There is no required relationship between audio files and SMIL documents. One SMIL document may point to several audio files (at seq and at clip level), or to non-continuous segments of an audio file.

However, creating one audio file for every phrase is not desirable since it will result in very large number of audio files in the DTB. This may not be supported by certain players or may make them inefficient.