Hangs at 9/14 SpeechGen2 - Pipeline and SaveAs Daisy


I am trying to convert Word documents to Daisy books, using both the Word Add-In and the Pipeline.
Using either method the conversion works fine until step 9/14 and it just hangs.
I'm using Word 2013
32-bit Windows
OS I've tried this on Windows 7 and 8.1
Any help much appreciated.

Most likely this issue is due to TTS installed on the system.

Before starting the process with Save as DAISY make sure that an appropriate TTS voice is selected and is working. You need to open the "Text to speech configuration" option inside Control Panel. This is described in this DAISYpedia article. Play the different voices here and try translating the word document with them.

Please let me know if still it does not work. You may even send the Word document to me by email to pverma[at the rate]daisy.org to check.

Further, I hope you have structured the document by applying heading styles. If the document is big and has very few or no headings, then also the step 9/14 is likely to hang.

The text markup guidelines are also on DAISYpedia.

Thank you for the suggestions.
It does seem to work for smaller documents (up to a dozen pages), so I'll have a look at the documents we are trying to process.
Is there a limit to the size of file we can process?
The files we are trying to process are structured Word documents, but quite large (short novels and school textbooks).

There is no limit as such. On a fast computer structured documents with 250 pages or so should easily convert. behind the scene, each heading or section is recorded in a separate wave file. if any section is too large say 100 pages, then a huge audio file will need to be created in the computer memory before compressing it to MP3. On slower computers this processing may prove to be too much to handle.