Multiple <audio> in <par> element (in .smil file of Daisy 2.02)


Hi all

I have a question related to element in smil file (Daisy 2.02) as below, could you please help me clarify it?
I found a document at link:

In that document, I read below lines:
Phrase Detection
If phrase detection has been activated in the production tool, the element will have a child that contains several elements as children.

I understand that if there are some children in element, then the element (which has 3 children) can be considered to 3 elements have same text but have different audio, right?
If so then in this case we can consider that = 3 phrases?
Can anyone give me a confirmation?

thank all.

Dear Dung,

One "par" may contain several "audio" elements. Each "audio" is a separate phrase.

For example, in audio-only DAISY books, inside a "par" there is a "text" element highlighting the name of the section and many "audio" elements containing the recording of the section.

In case of full-text-full-audio DAISY books however, generally one "text" element is followed by one "audio" but there is no restriction on having more "audio" elements after one "text".

Hope this helps.


Thank so much for your clarification.