Pauses at end of lines

In using the Save as Daisy software to create Daisy books, I have found that the output results cause most Daisy readers to pause at the end of each line. I have tested it with the Dorina Daisy Reader, Amis, Victor Reader for Bookshare and FS Reader. FSReader was the only one that did not pause, all the others did. What can I do to eliminate those pauses? Thanks.

I am assuming that you converted a Word document to a full DAISY book in a TTS voice.

If you did so, then the resulting DAISY book will have audio files in the TTS voice. These files will have pauses depending upon the behaviour of the chosen TTS.

If there are differences in the way the book is played in different DAISY readers, you may choose or recommend the one which suits you most.

I am afraid, there is no way of controlling the pauses of TTS within Save as DAISY beyond properly formatting the text into sentences and paragraphs.

How do I select a different TTS voice?

The process of selecting a TTS voice is explained in the article "Text to Speech Configuration" in DAISYpedia at

Here you will also find pointers to the Pipeline configuration for adjusting pauses after lines.